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Discover the secrets of the mind by delving into the complex field of Neuroscience: The Human Brain. This thorough course takes you on an exploration of the complicated workings of the human brain. Beginning with an Introduction to Neuroscience, you will move on to Neuroanatomy and Neural Communication, where you will investigate the systems that underpin sensory experiences and perception. Explore the landscape of Motor Control, diving into the complexities of movement while also unraveling the mysteries of Learning and Memory.

Learn about the neurological bases of emotions, motivation, and decision-making, as well as neurodevelopment and plasticity processes. Learn about Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders and keep up with Emerging Trends in Neuroscience. Begin this intellectual journey to unravel the fascinating workings of the human brain.

How is this qualification is delivered?

Our courses are taught entirely online, meaning you can access the materials wherever, whenever, at a pace that suits you, without formal deadlines or teaching schedules.

These can be accessed through any device with an internet connection. Our e-learning platform is optimised for use on mobile, tablet, laptops and desktop computers.


Certificates can be obtained at an additional cost of £9.99 for PDF, £16.99 for Printed Hardcopy format and £24.99 for Both for Both PDF and Hardcopy Certificates.


There are no academic entry requirements for this course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Neuroscience
Introduction to Neuroscience 00:21:00
Module 02: Neuroanatomy and Neural Communication
Neuroanatomy and Neural Communication 00:24:00
Module 03: Sensory Systems and Perception
Sensory Systems and Perception 00:15:00
Module 04: Motor Control and Movement
Motor Control and Movement 00:14:00
Module 05: Learning and Memory
Learning and Memory 00:15:00
Module 06: Emotions, Motivation, and Decision-Making
Emotions, Motivation, and Decision-Making 00:19:00
Module 07: Neurodevelopment and Plasticity
Neurodevelopment and Plasticity 00:22:00
Module 08: Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders
Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders 00:24:00
Module 09: Emerging Trends in Neuroscience
Emerging Trends in Neuroscience 00:16:00

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