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Why You Should Become a Physiotherapy Assistant: Career Guide

Whenever you come to think about your career, it is always vague and confusing, isn’t it right? 

Days ago, I met one of my students at the park; eventually, he asked me to suggest him some career destinations. By assuming his field of interest, I delightfully suggested him to start a career in Physiotherapy assistant. 

As like as you, his first expression was; what! Why?     

I have gone through some research on this section of the health care industry. I am fascinated by learning about its dimensions, diversity, plenty of opportunities, flexibility and how satisfying this is. 

In recent years, the rate of growth of this sector is stunning as it is expected to grow double by 2025. 

There are a good number of popular physiotherapy assistant in the UK who are working online from home. Some are starting health care business relying on Physiotherapy assistant. 

So, today I plan to describe you the pathway so that you can give it a second thought. 

What is physiotherapy assistant

What is physiotherapy assistant?

Let’s start with the theoretical one. 

Physical therapy or physiotherapy assistant is often abbreviated as PTA, is a health care profession. It is concerned with identifying and maximising the quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, habilitation and rehabilitation. This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional and social well being. 

The Physiotherapy Assistant works under the direction and guidance of the Physiotherapist to support the provision of Physiotherapy Services. The Physiotherapy Assistant understands and demonstrates skills required to support the patient in all aspects of the physiotherapy intervention, on a background of being familiar with human anatomy and physiology (with emphasis on the musculoskeletal system) and being familiar with common medical conditions and their clinical features.

Why you should be a Physiotherapy assistant?

Why you should be a Physiotherapy assistant

In this part, I will point out the reasons why you should consider physiotherapy assistant as your career. Let’s give it a quick read:

Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions are a national health priority area in the UK. There is a growing demand for physiotherapy assistant, the number of physiotherapies assistants will continue to grow very strongly until at least 2025.

Your job location is uncertain, this is up to you to make your decision where to go. Throughout the UK you can work as a Physiotherapy Assistant. it is a global demand, you can be an international too.

Very few professions use touch to treat in such a way as a physiotherapist. By using the power of your hands, you can overcome pain, help to move, and build strength, flexibility and power in your patients.

Physiotherapy Assistant Training

PTA keep people moving through various specialities. You can work with a national sporting team, in rehabilitation or with the elderly. You can grow your skills through research and education.

It is a satisfying and rewarding profession as you can learn new things every day and help people to reach their goals. Seeing people happy is the best thing in the world.

There are many setting you can work in. It includes hospitals, private practice, schools, health centres, gyms and nursing house. You can work from your own home, and many are working in online these days.

First-hand contact professionals

Many people decide to visit PTA without a medical reference, which is a sign of the high value and trust the job is kept in by the community.

As a rapidly growing profession, physiotherapists have endless development possibilities. Through developing your socio-cultural and communication skills, you can improve yourself too.

The PTA look further than anatomy, psychology to explore the person as a whole. Great physiotherapy assistant inspires and motivates their patients even if impossible to cure.

Physiotherapy Assistant salary in the UK


It mostly depends on your workplace location. It varies from city to city, town to town. According to neuvoo, The average Physiotherapy Assistant salary in the UK is £20,999 per year or £10.77 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £16,781 per year while most experienced workers make up to £35,698 per year. There is a chance to work as a contractual basis, in that case, dealing is yours.

Roles of a physiotherapy assistant

If you want to become a physiotherapist, you need to know about the actual roles of the physiotherapy assistant. To give you a clear understanding of PTA duty, I put down a list for you below:

Operate in accordance with the values of the institution.
Qualifications of a Physiotherapy assistant

Qualifications of a Physiotherapy assistant

Physiotherapy Assistants must be qualified in their area of expertise. You are required to should have GCSEs in Mathematics, English and some Science subject. When you are in training, you must be careful about the following topics:

Many certification agencies offer courses to become Physiotherapy assistant. Going to traditional education route and gaining a degree at the Bachelors, Masters or Post Graduate, is always beneficial.

Required skills for Physiotherapy assistant

Every profession requires a certain level of skills from the candidate. To become a successful physiotherapy assistant you need some skills as bellow:

At all times, maintain patient’s confidentiality.

Be courteous in all dealings with patients, colleagues and visitors.

Take responsibility for your own actions.

Respond to patients, colleagues and visitors appropriately, record all information accurately and report all relevant information. Be able to work as a team member.

Read and understand infection control policies. Deliver a high standard of patient care 

All patients are entitled to have their dignity and privacy maintained in the hospital setting.

Know and understand the Health and Safety regulations and apply them in the workplace.

If you have gone through the article, now you know the pros and cons of your interest. Working In the health care industry is always a blessing, helping people is rewarding.

So what do you think now? Be a part of it!

October 15, 2020

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