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15 Tips to Find a Personal Trainer Near You

With our hectic lives, there is rarely enough time to take care of our health. So what do you do in this predicament? You find yourself a personal trainer is what you do. However, it’s easier said than done. You have to consider a lot of things before getting a personal trainer. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially because effective personal trainers are a dime a dozen. With this in mind, we’ve gathered 15 tips to find a personal trainer near you. 

Anything worth gaining takes a lot of effort. The only exception is body weight. Gaining weight is by far the easiest and unhealthiest thing you can go through. Shedding off the excess weight, not so much. Having a personal trainer is essential if you’re already overweight or need immediate weight loss due to health risks.

15 Tips to Find a Personal Trainer Near You

Working out is as hard as it is. Being in the correct mindset is sometimes the fine line between reaching your goals and failing. Putting on top of the planning and coordination it takes to achieve health goals makes it near impossible for some. 

We believe it shouldn’t have to be this hard to keep in shape. So take our word for it, get yourself a trainer. Follow these tips if you’ve got no clue.

1. Know Your Goals

Here’s how you get started. Find out what is the reason to get into working out. Understanding what you want is the key to finding the right trainer. You have to understand that not everyone is an expert on every type of fitness class. 

Now you can try to find a personal trainer. Knowing why you want to work with someone helps make the process of finding that someone easier.

Membership advisors and virtual trainers alike will hear out your concerns and interests. It’s your job to be prepared to share some details about your goals, too. If marathon running is your thing, you’ll get one type of trainer. However, your trainer will be very different if you’re into strength building. Your goals decide your path and your companion.

2. Check out Your Favorite Gym

Your nearest gym is a very obvious place to start. Once you visit one of these establishments, you’ll have individuals focused on hearing out your expectations and giving a catalogue of available trainers. You need to look out for the information given below. These are usually good indicators to decide on.

  • Trainers time spent time on training; (1-2 year; 5-15 years, 20+ years)
  • Where they got their certification; (Licensing institute, Training institute, etc.)
  • Areas of speciality (i.e., strength and conditioning, sports specific training, athletic performance, overall health and fitness, pre/postnatal, etc.)

3. Search the Classifieds

If you don’t know about gyms near you, there’s always the newspaper classifieds, but who even reads newspapers anymore. Enter the realm of digital classifieds. Search Google Maps for personal trainers near you, and you’ll be amazed. You’ll find tons of options to choose from, and it’s all for free.

Facebook groups and pages can come in handy too. Follow some local fitness groups to see where everyone’s going or the next big fitness routine. However, if you do end up searching the classifieds for ads, don’t hesitate to call up!

4. Qualities to Look For

Once you’ve found trainers, you can compare them. There are key qualities you need to look for. 

You have to consider the degree of passion for fitness – the best personal trainers are those who live, eat, sleep, and breathe fitness.

It’s very important for a personal trainer to have empathy and compassion – a good personal trainer understands your situation and motivates you to improve.

See how great the communication is – it goes both ways. Your trainer needs to listen to you and make you listen to them just as well.

The touch of Professionalism – your ideal personal trainer, should be able to create an accurate assessment and build a program just for you. How they conduct every session and outcomes is essential for the program to succeed. 

5. Find Someone Who Uses A Personal Trainer Management Software

Find a personal trainer who constantly upgrades the tools at his or her disposal, including fitness trainer software that allows personal trainers to create fitness programs and share them in real-time. 

15 Tips to Find a Personal Trainer Near You

6. Audition the Personal Trainer

A good way to assess your trainer is to see them in action. Ask whether you can sit in while the trainer conducts a session with real clients. This will give you the chance to measure out how they treat clients. 

You’ll also have an idea on what the training style is. You should also talk with them to see if your personalities are compatible. 

7. Understand Your Budget

Set out with a clear budget. Personal trainers aren’t exactly cheap unless you get the best deal out there. Find the range of services that are realistic in terms of your budget. Some trainers charge by sessions, some by hours and others by the month. 

You’ll have to figure out whichever suits you and go for it. Knowing exactly how much you can spend narrows down the search quite a lot.

8. Ask About Payment Plans

Working one-on-one with a fitness trainer used to mean hitting the gym, shelling out a couple of grand a year, and hurdling through a few 45-minute sessions per week. But now, online personal trainer technology has become increasingly accessible and affordable. Instead of having to hit your local brick and mortar, you can now get a personal trainer in the palms of your hands.

Along with flexible training, you may be able to get an affordable payment plan. Asking questions about what they plan to offer you as a consumer is a way to go. Feel free to ask whether they’ll give you a discount if you sign on for six personal training sessions at once.

If you want only three or four each month, you could pay monthly instead of per session. Professional Trainers do not work on upfront money usually. You merely have to ask to find out what you can afford, and they can offer.

9. Research Some Specifics

You should know by now there are many methods to achieving fitness. It would be a good idea to research some of these methods, so you have a reference. Push-ups are for upper body strength; crunches are for your cores, lunges improve lower body coordination, these sorts of things. 

Knowing some of this means your trainer can be confident in you and your motivations. This confidence will drive your relationship with your trainer, increasing the chances of your success. 

10. Check out Their Background. 

Thanks to Instagram, it’s easy for trainers to look legit online (even when they’re not). So you’re going to want to look past the stunning pictures. Check out their degrees, which indicate how much training they’ve had on their expertise. Ideally, you’ll want a trainer who has taken the time to invest in learning their craft. This way, you can expect a higher depth of knowledge, which leads to better coaching. 

15 Tips to Find a Personal Trainer Near You

11. Know When to Stop

Even with all this, you still might end up not getting desired results. If you’ve communicated this to your trainer, switched up plans, and are *confident* about your end of the bargain, it might be time to look somewhere else. 

There should be no hard feelings in a professional relationship. Remember that the reality is, you are the customer. You are the one paying and looking for results, so your needs are the priority.

Don’t put the pause on trying to find another trainer if your current one doesn’t suit you. You might have learned what you want and don’t want in your next coach. 

12. Try It Online

If you can’t find someone near you, don’t lose hope just yet. There is still the world of online fitness ready at your fingertips. All you have to do is enter. 

Online fitness trainers use different techniques to deal with distance issues. However, they are effective. Shifting online gives you the freedom to train when you find it convenient and train with someone who fits your needs best. Taking out the location problem makes the search ten-times easier and offers newer possibilities. 

It won’t matter where you are or where your trainer is, as long as both of you are connected. Hence, you won’t miss a single session unless in an emergency.

13. Check for Nutrition Guidelines

You should find out whether training includes nutrition guidelines and diet plans. Trying to reach any fitness goal without diet moderation makes the whole process difficult. So trainers that provide customised diet plans are the ones who provide real value for the money. 

Everyone has different dietary needs. The particular fitness goal you’ve set has its requirements. Your trainer needs to be able to combine these to create an ideal plan for you. It should include nutrition values of suggested foods, eating schedules, water intake and work out to calorie ratios. 

14. Provides Complete Fitness Plan Beforehand

It would be best if you asked whether they’ll provide detailed fitness plans beforehand. These plans have to be customised specifically to your needs. Without understanding how you’re going to achieve your goals is sometimes why most people quit, don’t let yourself fall down that cliff. 

If your trainer does provide the plans beforehand, that’s great. In that case, you ought to ask them to explain the plan to you so you can follow it with genuine insight.

15. Do Your Due Diligence

The best way is to get as much information as possible before you hire someone as your trainer. You should read reviews, ask for referrals from former clients, and validate their claims.

15 Tips to Find a Personal Trainer Near You

Ending Notes

When you find a personal trainer, it’ll change the way you approach fitness forever. You’ll feel the connection when it’s there, and the results will speak for themselves. Remember, it’s important to trust your trainer too. Don’t be a nuisance by asking unnecessary questions and challenging every method.

Your relationship with your trainer should be mutually respectful. That’s the only way to achieve incredible results in fitness.

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