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A horrible haircut can ruin anybody’s confidence, which is why we’re willing to pay hundreds of pounds a year to avoid that. With studies showing that women in the UK go for a haircut on average once every six to eight weeks – half as often as men – that’s a lot of time spent in the hairdressers. Part of the challenge of getting a good haircut is finding the right hairdresser, one who understands what you’re looking for. However, it’s also crucial that they’re willing to be honest with you about what will and won’t look good on you – not everyone can pull off a blunt pixie cut.

This Hairdressing Diploma provides you with the knowledge and skills required to cut hair professionally. The course is split in two – hair cutting and hair styling. The first half looks at the former, where you will learn the basics of cutting hair, the different types of hair cutting and the latest methods. By the end of it, you will be an expert at identifying which cutting is best for constructing a specific look, as well as the cuts that look best on long, square, round and heart-shaped faces.

The second half of the course explores hair styling, where you are tasked with learning many of the different styles, including party hairstyles, ponytails and curly styles. You are also taught how to deal with different types of hair, the correct way to use hair salon equipment and furniture and the necessary techniques for braiding.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how to cut hair to a professional standard.
  • Understand how hair cutting and hair styling are separate tasks that nevertheless need to complement each other in order for the client to be satisfied.
  • Discover the anatomy of the skull and how this is relevant for hairdressing.
  • Identify which haircuts work for different face shapes.
  • Understand how to sell the right hairstyle to a customer while still complying with what they asked for.
  • Gain relevant knowledge of the health and safety conventions in hairdressing.

Method of Assessment:

Upon conclusion of the course, there’s an online multiple-choice quiz assessment, which will determine whether you have passed the course. The test is marked immediately and results are published instantly (60% pass mark).


Certificates can be obtained at an additional cost of £9.99 for PDF, £16.99 for Printed Hardcopy format and £24.99 for Both for Both PDF and Hardcopy Certificates.


There are no academic entry requirements for this course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.

Course Curriculum

Who are Hairdressers? 00:15:00
Anatomy of the skull 00:15:00
Hair Type 00:15:00
Face shapes, Characteristics & Style concepts 00:15:00
Hair Salon Equipments & Furnitures 00:15:00
Cutting the Hair 00:15:00
Cutting hair – One length hair 00:15:00
Cutting hair – Uniform Layer 00:15:00
Cutting hair – Short graduation 00:15:00
Cutting hair – Long graduation 00:15:00
Cutting hair – Curly hair 00:15:00
Cutting hair – Fringes 00:15:00
Braiding Hair 00:15:00
Applying Braiding Techniques 01:00:00
Finishing Hair 00:15:00
Health & Safety in Hairdressing 01:00:00
About Of Hair Style 00:30:00
Check Out Your Face Shape 01:00:00
Choosing Your Style On Your Shape 01:00:00
Best Hairstyles For A Long Face 00:30:00
Best Hairstyles For A Square Face 00:30:00
Best Hairstyles For A Round Face 00:30:00
Best Hairstyles For A Heart Shaped Face 01:00:00
How To Love Your Style 00:30:00
Wrapping Up 00:15:00

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  • 1 year
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  • 11 hours, 15 minutes