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Have you ever felt stuck or confused with how to change or modify a PDF file? Or you had to rewrite documents because you could not alter the PDF files? Learn how to edit and modify PDF files with this Advanced Adobe Acrobat course and take your file management skills to another level.

In this Advanced Adobe Acrobat course, you will be familiarised with Adobe Acrobat advanced techniques that will allow you to add rich media files. You will learn the skills to create forms, use advanced document and measurement tools and modify the accessibility of the file. This course will teach you how to create a signature, certificate and other documents using PDF files and ensure safe sharing.

The easily understandable lessons will help you grasp the topics and boost your potential. Learn how you can manage PDF files like a pro today from this Advanced Adobe Acrobat course.

Method of Assessment:

Upon conclusion of the course, there’s an online multiple-choice quiz assessment, which will determine whether you have passed the course. The test is marked immediately and results are published instantly (60% pass mark).


Certificates can be obtained at an additional cost of £9.99 for PDF, £16.99 for Printed Hardcopy format and £24.99 for Both for Both PDF and Hardcopy Certificates.


There are no academic entry requirements for this course, and it is open to students of all academic backgrounds.

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:02:00
Advanced Document Tools
Using Document Properties 00:11:00
Comparing Documents 00:04:00
Enhancing Scans 00:04:00
Adding Rich Media
Adding Sound 00:04:00
Adding Video 00:03:00
Adding buttons 00:07:00
Using the Measurement Tools
Understanding the Measurement Tool 00:03:00
Using the Distance Tools 00:02:00
Using the Perimeter Tool 00:04:00
Using the Area Tool 00:01:00
Creating Forms
Creating a Form from a Word Document 00:03:00
Creating a Form from InDesign 00:02:00
Adding Form Elements 00:07:00
Adding Check Boxes and Radio Buttons 00:04:00
Distributing Forms 00:05:00
Understanding Accessibility
What is Accessibility? 00:02:00
Running an Accessibility Test 00:06:00
Creating Signatures and Certificates
What is a Digital Signature? 00:02:00
Creating a Digital Signature 00:04:00
Adding a Signature to a Document 00:01:00
Course Recap 00:02:00
Assignment – Advanced Adobe Acrobat 00:00:00

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  • £24.99
  • 1 year
  • Course Certificate
  • Number of Units23
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  • 1 hour, 23 minutes